"Nina is exactly the kind of partner you want on your team. She is the consummate professional, always keeping your objectives at the forefront of her work. She can take an idea and bring it to life in all the right ways. She is able to incorporate feedback into her work such that the iterations on any design project are always a step forward, and she does it all with a smile. I enjoyed working with Nina tremendously. She will be an asset to any team she joins.  –Jenna Sytman 
“I had the pleasure of working with Nina on several projects. She is extraordinary—talented, creative, problem-solving, smart, on time, within budget and a ton of fun to work with. If you ever have the chance, work with her. She's got a great eye and cares deeply about the work.”  –Amy Wolfson
“Nina is a talented designer who is capable of creating a range of graphic approaches depending on the client and the requirements of the assignment. Her designs are always energetic and impactful. She is a gracious and lovely person who is easy to work with and flexible in terms of receiving and implementing feedback.”  –Susan Goodman
“Nina and I worked together at Sasquatch Books. She came to Sasquatch from Stewart Tabori & Chang where she worked as a lead designer in their trade publishing division. Nina served as art director at Sasquatch Books and helped create a new, dynamic look and feel to the press's book covers and marketing materials. I would recommend Nina for work in any graphic design capacity. Just ask her to show you her portfolio. It's top-drawer stuff!”  –Chad Haight
“Nina outdid herself when she designed our wedding invitations. They were inventive, beautiful, and incorporated our personalities and our unusual wedding theme. Her use of color and form is outstanding. Nina really listens to her clients and produces artful, modern, beautiful work.”  –Suzanne Griscom​​​​​​​

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