Nina Barnett
UX/UI designer

Designing branded
assets for corporations

Microsoft and Ernst & Young

Visual Design


I chose from a variety of Microsoft brand colors to design Quick Tips cards, ads and posters to highlight the new features of Windows 8, that were featured in stores worldwide.

Visual Design

Xbox and Hardware

I used the brand colors and selected images in order to create posters and visual merchandise to promote Xbox music, entertainment, and Microsoft hardware products, worldwide.

Visual Design

Office 365

I used a variety of Microsoft brand colors, and selected images from
a bank of photography, in order to create a table tent and posters to highlight the new features of Office 365. These assets appeared in electronic stores worldwide.

Visual Design

Ernst & Young

Working with the brand colors of yellow, gray and blackā€”all ads, posters, and collateral vary with how the photography, infographics, and the EY mark are depicted.

Below, are booklets, as well as placemats. The placemats were created for meetings between Ernst & Young and Microsoft, which
sit on the table in front of each attendee for reference.

To learn more about me, I can be reached at or 206.679.2409.